90 Second Management Planning System  

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The Tool That Multiplies Your Time

You can beat the clock!

You deserve to love your job, and lead your people well. 

Too often, managers are constantly interrupted and overwhelmed with questions, crises and the need to be everywhere at once.  They are going home each night carrying on their shoulders the baggage of, "I still have so much work to do."

When you add in a pandemic along with the monumental regulations and decision-making,  it is no wonder you feel weary.

It can be different.

The 90 Second System is the tool that feels like a great coach traveling with you, helping you focus on what is most important and whispering encouragement to you throughout the day.  You'll find that you begin to multiply your time and your effectiveness...almost immediately when you open it up for the first time!

The 90 Second Management System multiplies your time by helping you        
   Plan Your Day Faster
   Lead More Productive Meetings
   Inspire Engagement and Enthusiasm from your team
   Navigate Your Quality Conversations (Deliberate Dialogues)

This all happens in only 90 Second Increments!
Plus, it keeps everything in one place, organized easily with tons of room for writing. No more searching through notepads, notebooks and paper looking for where you wrote crucial information.

Four Sections in Each Planner
Planning, Daily Vibe, Meetings & Conversations

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Why we created this system for you...

Interruptions are damaging the productivity and sanity of today's managers and leaders.  We created the management planner we wished to have.  Simple, clean, easy to use & complete with sections for meetings and conversations...all these things are bringing back the fun in going to work again!

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